About Us

Dealer Marketing Supplies was founded in 1978 as Dominion Labels & Forms. We started as a printing company and we quickly became known for our quality products and exceptional customer service. 

We developed great relationships with the local business community, which led to steady growth over the years. Eventually, as business evolves and to satisfy our customers requests, we added promotional items and signage to our products offers, becoming a one stop shop for our clients marketing materials needs. 

In 2013 we decided to change our business name to Dominion Sales to better reflect our expanded product line up, now to include a full line of apparel.

During this time, we started to work with more and more customers in the New & Used Car and Truck Dealerships. We have come to know very well what small dealerships stand against when marketing their business and love to help them in these challenges. This prompted us to open a division, named Dealer Marketing Supplies, so we could focus on this market.

Dealer Marketing Supplies provides Dealerships with over 500,000 different products and industry best pricing and quality. By doing so we have become a one stop shop for many Dealerships. 

By eliminating the need for multiple vendors, you can streamline your ordering and Accounts Payables, saving your Dealership time and money. 

We look forward to helping your Dealership gain a competitive edge over your competition!