4 Steps to Ensure a Safe Reopening of Your Dealership

As businesses start to reopen around the country, they must ensure the health and safety of both employees and customers in a clear, demonstrable way.

Larger dealerships will be provided COVID prevention guidelines from top management, while smaller, individually owned car dealers will have to put their own protocols in place based on health guidelines established by the CDC and your state and/or municipality.

From sanitizers to PPE products, to signage, you’ll need to acquire special supplies you have never needed before and probably never thought you would ever need. 

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There are 4 steps help you sanitize and educate your customers and staff, so you can effectively promote your dealership’s compliance with these new standards and help your employees create new habits.

Social Distancing Guidelines.

The social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC will remain in place until further notice, requiring at least six feet of space between individuals whenever possible. This may mean installing physical barriers between workstations and in front of customer service desks, changing the layout of your showroom, spacing out seating in waiting areas, and staggering break times to avoid gatherings in break rooms.  

Simple posters and floor signage strategically placed are very effective in helping build and reinforce the new social distancing habits, while your space looks nice, inviting and professional.

You may want to set up an outdoor kiosk for quick drop-offs/pickups for your car service customers, so they don’t have to come in and have unnecessary contact with your personnel and other customers. 

Create an employee wellness plan 

Many businesses are having their staff work remotely, at least partially, but this is not possible for an auto dealership. This means you will need to implement a basic wellness program that will include personal protective equipment such as face coverings, temperature checks, and daily checks and symptoms surveys. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does require certain industries to use standardized PPE like N95 masks, and you must check with your local authorities' requirements. But generally speaking, you may wish to provide branded cloth face coverings, masks, and/or gloves for your employees to wear in the workplace.

You will also want to equip your workspace with hand sanitizer dispensers strategically placed, to help employees and the public keep their hands sanitized. 

Intensify cleaning and sanitation.

Keeping floors and surfaces disinfected in your showroom and sitting areas is a top priority. This extends to the cars being serviced, so they are handed to the customer completely sanitized. 

In order to cut costs without a sacrifice of the disinfecting quality, you’ll want to use products like our Safe Shield product line, one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve this. 

You might want to also implement additional hygiene practices, such as steering wheel and speed shift covers, custom paper floor covers, and even car seat covers. This not only helps keep these frequently touched surfaces protected but it will also make a very positive impression on your customers, making them feel confident about doing business with you.

Safety Protocols Communication Plan

Once you have your health and safety protocols in place for your reopening, you’ll need a clear communication strategy to ensure your staff and customers know the new procedures and also understand their own role in the implementation of these new practices. 

Besides informing employees of the new procedures, you’ll want to have quick daily “huddle” meetings to go over the new safety practices and address any issues to help everyone in creating the new habits. These meetings will also help communicate changes that become necessary as the pandemic situation evolves. You will get more cooperation from your team if you keep open communication. 

You will also need visuals to help communicate and reinforce your health prevention practices message.  Strategically placed posters and banners, door hangers, and seat covers among other marketing aids will effectively remind employees and the public of your COVID prevention measures.

Need assistance?

Dealer Marketing Supplies is here to help you prepare by providing all the supplies you need to be able to continue to sell vehicles while meeting the safety standards and contributing to the prevention of the pandemic.

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As an additional resource and for more information on safety procedures, here is the guide by the CDC for your reference:

Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools, and Homes